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Why Use Us!

Taurus Computer Systems is a leading systems integrator 

specializing in connecting Microcomputer systems in Local and 

Wide area networks, integrating them into Customer 

Environments and providing on-going customer support for 

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Servers, Email 

Solutions and  Peripherals.

Incorporation :

The company M/s Taurus Computer Systems is headed by Two Partners Sunil Shyam Idnani,Ravi Mohandas Bhavnani established in 1989 

Our Experience Shows!

25 years later today, We are world of computers itself, with the extensive  experience of  its promoters  and  task force of highly qualified  professionals with a clear focus on the product support  and maintenance ,  the primary reasons for sustained  growth is due to repeated orders  from  our esteemed customers. The company was established in 1988 with a small turn over of Rs.10 Lacs only which  has  grown  up in 2008 to  Rs.6 Crore, while our business progressed  at a pace encouraged and enthused us to spread our wings and  turned to other areas: like Hardware, Marketing and  Maintenance is playing  a major role, we diverted our   activities  in many new directions like SYSTEM INTEGRATION, LAN SOLUTIONS , DATA COMMUNICATION,   NETWORKING, TRAINING,  INTERNET SOLUTION etc. We are changing ourselves with times.