Services & Specialties

Specialty information technology (IT) services handle specialized or proprietary processes related to IT applications. We provide services such as systems planning, project management, database design, network administration, network engineering, systems integration and helpdesk support. Specialty information technology (IT) services range in size and are located across the City of Mumbai and adjoining areas. We serve a variety of industries, as well as governmental organizations, hospitals, schools, colleges, and Small Businesses. Information technology outsourcing allows businesses to reduce costs and focus on core competencies. 


  • Information technology management is an important function of specialty information technology (IT) services. Typically, a client’s employees receive information technology training and information technology support for new hardware such as computers, modems, and printers. Systems administrators and targeted groups of employees may also receive instruction about network management applications. Information technology project management is used to record and store information and produce reports. Strategic decisions are based on project metrics such as call volume and downtime. Specialty information technology (IT) services can perform routine maintenance activities or train personnel how to backup data, install new software, and maintain voice and data communications networks. Some specialty IT services focus on protecting computer systems that contain sensitive data such as credit card numbers and other customer information


  • Specialty information technology (IT) consulting services perform many different activities related to applications development, data strategy, quality assurance, customer support, network management, and Internet engineering and operations. Some specialty IT services specialize in Web support, capacity planning, telecommunication operations, electronic commerce, business intelligence systems management, data warehousing, enterprise resource planning (ERP), or network administration. Other specialty information technology (IT) consulting services provide vendor relationship management, technical writing, business continuance, product development, systems programming, release management, and technical support. Hourly rates vary by experience and job title. Entry-level IT consultants cost less than intermediate, advanced, or expert personnel. Team leaders, managers, senior managers, directors, and technical trainers are available at a variety of labor rates.